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Bike Fitting Service

Take your cycling game to the next level and take the pain away with a professional bike fitting. At

H Y P E B Y K E, we offer professional bike fits, performed by Christian O. Puno, PT, DPT. Owen brings 3.5+ years of fitting experience and 24+ years of Physical Therapy knowledge to your fitting experience. Your fitting includes an examination of your body and your bike, to determine where adjustments are needed, to address and alleviate pain associated with your rides. 

Helps to alleviate recurring pain/numbness at the: 

  • Back of knees​

  • Hands and arms

  • Shoulders

And seeks to improve posture and overall comfort while riding.​

Bike Gears


Includes a professional assessment and fitting, based on the needs of the cyclist.

Blue Bike

$30/per additional bike

Bring in an additional bike(s) on the same day as your fitting to ensure all your bikes are in tune with your body.



If you purchased your bicycle at HYPEBYKE, you get 20% off your fitting.

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